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A big price tag

It’s sort of funny how simple the difference in this moment between the do-ers and the rest is.

No doubt, in that moment your heart will beat faster, your pulse will rise, maybe you’ll even break into a little sweat, and certainly a litany of thoughts will go through your mind…

All trying to move you away from what makes you a success.

This magical moment applies to all things in life and it’s what you do in that moment that defines you as a success or not.

It’s that point where you’re given the opportunity to make a decision that allows you prove to yourself that you’re worth it, and say definitively . . .

“yes I am.”

In my own training it was the moment I had the chance to study under a true master and the only thing that separated me from that training was a price tag.


What do successful entrepreneurs do at that moment?

Even though every corner of their mind is trying to find a way to say no they find a way to say yes.

The first time it’s the hardest decision in your life, but moments afterwards you’re flush with excitement and relaxation, you can’t wait.


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most reliable ways to earn an income online

What’s one of the most reliable ways to earn an income online?

If done right, affiliate marketing is a hard model to beat.

You may ask many questions when starting with affiliate marketing. Where do you begin? How do you attract customers? How do you make money by building a loyal audience?

so let’s start with the basics.

what is affiliate marketing?

It’s basically an online version of business referrals. You know, any time a business is ready to reward you for customer or visitors, chances are good that’s an affiliate sort of relationship.

Kind of like, you know real estate agents where you have a real estate agent and they give the lead to another real estate agent. The second agent doesn’t pay the first agent unless the house actually sells, right? Well, that’s pretty much what affiliate marketing is all about.

You refer sales and if it turns into say, an email address opt-in or a sale, that’s a successful transaction made by affiliate marketing.

How do you attract customers?

I think for new affiliates, there is a big lure to go “pay per click”. I hear a lot of people talking about it. You know, why would I want to spend all this time creating content for a website when I can just bid on some words? To that I would say it’s a really great way to make money, sure, through affiliate marketing, but long term you will always be paying money to make money.

How do you make money by building loyal customers?

You know, you buy from people you know, like, and trust. The most effective affiliates that we have definitely have authority and trust with their audience. That’s what makes people click on their affiliate link and they’ll tell you right out, “Hey this is an affiliate link.” It makes people want to do it because they know, like and trust them. They’d rather give them the commission.


The possibilities are endless

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th (35).jpeg

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FREE recruiting course

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Wipes away a single, joyful tear

If someone asked you what you did last year, how would you answer?

Check your Instagram/Facebook accounts to jog your memory (no judgment).
“I was so busy!”

List off a few concerts/conferences/weddings that you attended.
Oh, you know, just traveled the world, crushed my goals and changed my outlook on life. The usual.


Hey there Melissa here. To be honest with you, if someone asked us this question we wouldn’t know where to start. The past 365 days have been filled with community-building, new product launches, hundreds of flights around the world and opportunities to meet incredible people like you.

*Wipes away a single, joyful tear*


What we’re trying to say is, a lot can happen in a year if you let it. We’ve been so inspired by the people who have made the most of their days of travel and those who have taken the first steps toward living in a world of their own design, where work and life can coexist without friction.

You’re all a part of this community that we can’t talk about because it has changed lives, opened hearts and shifted the way that we see the world. You’re dreamers, leaders, movers and shakers and we can’t wait to see what you do with your next 365 days. We have a feeling that it just might change the world.

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Busted… The Super Affiliate Network Scam



Is it legit? Pay close attention and read on.

Super Affiliate Network created by Misha Wilson was launched on February 2016.

It is still doing well for some people while is the total disappointment for others. It depends on many factors, such as your previous experience in affiliate marketing, your personal skills and some other aspects too.

Let me say that being a member of the Super Affiliate Network and a member of Wealthy affiliate that the Super Affiliate Network is not a scam. Definitely it’s not. But I can’t fully agree with all the teachings and strategies taught inside the program.

For some people they may work very well while for others it can turn into a total failure and disappointment. It’s all about the traffic you bring in to your landing page.


When it comes to Super Affiliate Network, technically speaking, it’s legit but as I said, due to some reasons I will explain within my review I can’t recommend this program to EVERYONE, because some of you can lose a significant amount of money in this program.

The Super affiliate network focuses on email marketing and solo ads to promote your products.

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